Dog Treat Ingredient List

All My Homemade Treats are Natural or Organic
Gluten & Wheat – Corn & Soy Free

(The only preservatives in My Homemade treats are what is already in that particular ingredient used in the Treat)

All items used in Precious Pupps handmade treats are All Natural (Human Consumable) or Organic. Sweetners will be Listed for your additional knowledge. All Ingredients in my treats are Veterinarian approved. All treats I make & offer to you for your pet, have a three star *** rating. This means that my 3 doggie babies, even the pickey eaters, extremely like these treats. I also, have taste tested my treats & find them very good. Items with Fruit, Dairy or Meat in them, must be kept refrigerated. You can set out a few at a time for up to 48 hours only. Dehydrated, shelf life New Treats To Come. I do put extreme care, conciousness, love & research into my choices of Treat Ingredients, Toys, & all other items included inside my gift baskets, even including the basket itself. Special order Gift Baskets are created according to your size, breed & characteristics of your personal doggie, (baby or baby's). Waiver..., By purchasing my products & assembled basket products, you are personally waving any & all unforeseeable possible problems, liabilities your pet may or may not experience with product(s).

BLUEBERRY BALLS: Fresh Blueberries, Olive- Sunflower oil, Oats, Brown rice flour.

STRAWBERRY BALLS / Drops: Fresh Strawberries, Olive-Sunflower oil, Oat Bran, Brown rice flour.

VEGE ROUNDS / Drops: Can Pumpkin or Squash(s), Organic Honey, Oat Bran, Egg, Green split peas, Brown rice flour.

P.B.O.'s: Peanut butter, Banana, Oat Bran, Brown rice flour.

HONEY NUT & OATS: Organic Honey, Egg, Oats, Peanut butter, Brown rice flour.

LIVBY'S: Chicken livers cooked, Canola-Sunflower oil, Egg, Milk, Amish colby cheese, Brown rice flour.

TUNA FISH or SALMON PATS: Packaged Tuna or Salmon, Brown rice flour, Egg, Oat Bran, Canola or Sunflower oil.

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